Windows is close to doomed

On the 2nd on September I deprecated Windows.

I gave it 6 months from then. It has been over 4, and I still haven’t found a need to boot into Windows, at all. Not once.

It’s time is running out.

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Windows is deprecated

Been a few weeks, longer than I would have liked.

A number of things have changed in that time.

The main thing? Windows is no longer the major OS on my machine.

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Keyboards and Linux

Another step to removing Windows.

I have got my favored keyboard and mouse to work.

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Is it time to get rid of Windows?

I’m typing this in Ubuntu 12.04.

This is the first version of Ubuntu I’ve installed on this machine. The first version of Linux, outside of a Virtual Machine, that this machine has seen.

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Running Simcity 4 under Wine on Ubuntu

The only thing keep me using Windows now is a few games.

SimCity 4 is one of those games.

Of only it could work under Linux.

Oh yeah, Wine. Not the Red, White, or sparkling kind…┬áthe compatibility layer kind.

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